As a Trust, we are working with the National Delivery Partner Teach First for the delivery of the statutory Early Career Framework Induction Programme.

Year 1 Early Career Teachers (ECTs) will receive a programme of induction through Teach First. Each ECT has a designated mentor within their department who will support them throughout their training.

ECTs will complete 6 modules in Year 1 (1 per half-term):

  1. How can you create an effective learning environment?
  2. How do pupils learn?
  3. What makes classroom practice effective?
  4. How can you use assessment and feedback to greatest effect?
  5. How can you support all pupils to succeed?
  6. How can you design a coherent curriculum?

Teach First outlines that teachers will complete:

  • An induction day (6 hours)
  • Self-directed study (4.5 hours per half-term)
  • Seminars (2 x per half-term), demonstrations (1 hour per half-term)
  • Weekly mentoring sessions with their designated ECF Mentor.


Year 2 Early Career Teachers (ECTs) will receive a programme of support run by their induction tutor at each Academy within the Trust.

Teachers will conduct 6 modules in Year 2 (1 per half term):

  1. Development pupil’s intrinsic motivation
  2. Supporting pupils to develop subject-specific skills
  3. Using meaningful and memorable explanations
  4. Anticipating and addressing common misconceptions
  5. Using structured talk to develop pupil’s literacy
  6. Developing a coherent curriculum

Each half term year 2 ECTs will complete a cycle of 1 hour of taught content, 2 hours of group study and 1 hour of presentation/feedback.


National Professional Qualifications


All Saints Multi Academy Trust is a National Delivery Partner for the revised NPQ qualifications with the Church of England Foundational for Educational Leadership model working in partnership with the Catholic Education Service.

As a Trust, we are currently delivering on the NPQLTD (Leading Teacher Development) course for the Merseyside and Cheshire region delivered through our MAT+ partnership with St Margaret’s Church of England Academy and St Hilda’s Church of England High School.

Staff within our Academies have access to the full suite of National Professional Qualifications.

Continuing Professional Development

As a Trust, we believe that investment in our staff by providing purposeful training opportunities across our Academies is a crucial ingredient for success.

Quality CPD for all staff across the Trust is a key development priority of each Academy Development Plan so that we can develop our own staff and grow as professionals within our organisations.